Welcome aboard Luna Moon the famous Dutch classic top sail schooner built in the Netherlands in 1910. She is a vessel with a truly incredible history from her origins as offshore pilot vessel in the English Channel prior to the start of the 1st World War, to a herring logger in the Baltic Sea and then onto being purposely sunk by her owners in 1940 at the start of the 2nd World War only to be later raised to perform sailing school duties in Belgium. 

Luna Moon was well known for competing in numerous Tall Ship regattas throughout Europe and she became very popular off the beaches in Belgium and France as the brand ambassador and flag ship for Schweppes. Across the English Channel in Britain, she gained notoriety as the VIP vessel at the start of the Whitbread Around the World Race’s.

Luna Moon has been honoured as one of the true great classic sailing vessels of our time and was added to the Chapman list of “Great Sailing Ships of the World” in 2005. She has also featured in various other publications and at the time was rated as the 2111 largest super yacht in the world.

In 2019 the current owners started a refit on Luna Moon in Mossel Bay South Africa, repurposing and recycling much of the original timbers and fittings. Where this was not possible, the owners’ selected timbers and other material from sustainable sources. New timber was sourced directly out of the Knysna forest using invasive Black Wood trees. Shower curtains have been crafted out of old Hobie Cat Sails by the local gypsy community. All the glasses onboard have been recycled from discarded bottles.

Join Luna Moon and her crew for new adventures.


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