Dave Bird

Dave Bird- Captain - Luna Moon

Started sailing dinghies at a young age on the Red House River near Port Elizabeth and progressed to ocean-going catamarans completing 9 transatlantic crossings and a sailing adventure up the mighty Amazon River retracing Sir Peter Blakes tragic route.

David now enjoys captaining Luna Moon to new destinations and passing on the experience that he has gained on his 150 000 nautical mile journey to young developing sailors.

Viaan Coetzee
Crew Member


Luke Bossoff
Master Carpenter

Luke Bossoff - Master Carpenter - Luna Moon

Recognized for his contribution to conservation and for a lifestyle dedicated to lowering his carbon footprint resides in a true full off-grid mountain log cabin deep in Southern African’s wilderness. Luke has been actively involved in anti-poaching task teams reducing the numbers of rhino and elephant being slaughtered in South Africa.

At one with nature and with mountain leopards as company Luke has developed the art of carpentry. As master carpenter, Luke is responsible for the internal refit of the vessel.

Prior to joining the Luna Moon crew Luke built sets for the local and Hollywood film industry. Luke is also an experienced sailor having sailed from South Africa to Brazil and up to the Caribbean as a young boy.

Crew Member

Was born in a small village on Nosy Be island in Madagascar. Growing up he built wooden traditional pirogues and fished and dived every free moment.

Prior to joining the crew of Luna Moon in Madagascar Albert worked at one of the main tourist hotels. Albert is now an accomplished sailor having obtained his International Crew Certificate.

Crew Member

Was born in the sea side town of Mahajanga on the north western shore of Madagascar.

Prior to joining the crew of Luna Moon Gino worked in the construction industry but his love of the ocean saw him fishing and sailing small pirogues on the weekend.

Gino has also successfully completed his International Crew Certificate.


Red - Chef - Luna Moon

Whose real name is Fred but due to language difficulties the day he was introduced to the captain and the fact that he was wearing a red t-shirt that day has led to him being called Red, the name stuck.

Red is a partially self-taught chef specializing in seafood and traditional Malagasy meals.