Here is a brief look at some of the early refit work on the dry dock in Mossel Bay back in early 2020.

Each hull shape on a boat is different, so the wooden blocks which hold the vessel upright on the slip have to be uniquely set for each vessel.

The slipway dolly (on wheels) was then pulled into the water to accept Luna Moon. Divers ensured that the wooden blocks were fitting properly under the sides of the hull and the dolly slowly pulled out.

Once out the water the safety officer confirmed that the vessel was secure and we set about high-pressure washing the hull to remove all marine growth. That was the first step in the repainting process.

Once Luna Moon was clean of growth, specialist marine surveyor, Glenn Coulthurst inspected her to identify the areas that required replacement or repair.

After these repairs were completed the crew started the arduous task of removing all the rust with wire-brush fitted grinders to prepare for the paint coats.

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